about us

We are a congregation of subject matter experts armed with PhD, MSc, and MBA, who are ready to lay down the path to your success. We come equipped with a deep knowledge across various fields of study ranging from production engineering, highway engineering, information technology, medicine, molecular genetics, clinical pharmacology, pharmacy, economics, finance, to the sciences among other disciplines. We have to-date, to our credits, edited theses in medicine, software engineering, food technology and parasitology. Our rates may seem a little out of range but they really worth your pockets with our service quality assured.

We also have in our team dedicated and prolific translators who are nationally accredited ready to lend our eloquence in facilitating precise and effective communication exchanges with your counterpart and audience.

It was indeed a tremendous help in finalising my thesis when English is a foreign language to me. The dedicated linguistic assistance rendered by EAPS in polishing up my thesis is deeply acknowledged..
M.A., PhD in Traditional & Complementary Medicine, National University of Malaysia (UKM)


Nasir Yusof was trained in mechanical engineering and production engineering in Europe, and did an MBA in Islamic Banking & Finance. He was also trained as a case writer by the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank, and wrote a script for a double-award winning documentary, The Silent Killer, at the Berlin Film Festival. He also writes speeches and formulates parliamentary questions for local politicians.